Telling your story

Meetings with your representative and their staff on the Hill or in the district office are often very short, leaving you only about 15 minutes to introduce yourself, tell your story, and state your ask. 

What to expect

Before the meeting:

  • Practice telling your story. As an expert in the area of psoriasis and psoriatic disease, you have valuable information to share! It’s important to be succinct but heartfelt and genuine while relating it to the policy asks.
  • Gather your materials. Business cards make great leave-behinds for staffers. Infographics help them understand the impact and significance of psoriatic disease.
  • Please don’t feel the need to cover up your symptoms if you are currently flaring.

During the meeting:

  • Introduce yourself, even if you have met before;
  • Provide a personal story or real-life illustration;
  • Know your ask and stay on message;
  • Be honest, brief, specific, and keep it simple. If you can’t answer a question, tell them you will get back to them;
  • Be polite and pleasant, regardless of the situation;
  • Provide information to the Senator or House member toward the end of the meeting and explain what is in the packet;
  • Enjoy yourself, and know that you are making a difference for the millions of Americans with psoriatic disease!
  • Thank your legislator or staffer for meeting with you.

After the meeting:


People like you drive real policy changes. Meet others who have spoken up on behalf of the millions with psoriatic disease.

Documents and Tipsheets

Understanding the facts

Step therapy, high out-of-pocket costs and other barriers impact people with psoriatic disease. Results from NPF surveys show just how far-reaching these barriers are and the role they play in access to care for our community. Get the facts and help advocate for change.

Webinar Library

How NPF Addresses Insurance Barriers

This webcast will discuss the NPF’s state and federal advocacy and policy efforts to address the insurance barriers facing people living with psoriatic disease.

Medicare Access Challenges

In 2018, the NPF co-hosted a congressional briefing with the American College of Rheumatology on Medicare Access Challenges in the Chronic Disease Community.

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